Thomas A. Alspaugh
Repeated phrases in
Eclipse Public License -v 1.0
29 phrases of 3 words or more, repeated 3 times or more
7 words in the longest such phrase
10 repetitions of the most frequent such phrase
w x Phrase Instances
7w 4x the program in a commercial product offering §4¶1s2w18 §4¶1s3w6 §4¶1s3w72 §4¶2s1w7
5w 3x the terms of this agreement §2.a¶1s1w3 §2.b¶1s1w3 §7¶1s1w26
5w 3x set forth in this agreement §2.d¶1s1w23 §5¶1s1w4 §6¶1s1w4
4w 4x the terms of this ¶1s1w7 §2.a¶1s1w3 §2.b¶1s1w3 §7¶1s1w26
4w 4x distribution of the program ¶1s2w5 §4¶1s3w70 §6¶1s1w61 §7¶3s2w15
4w 4x warranties or conditions of §3¶1s1.b.iw16 §3¶1s1.b.iw25 §5¶1s1w19 §5¶1s1w33
4w 3x under this agreement and §1¶1s1.aw14 §3¶2s1.aw6 §7¶3s3w4
4w 3x additions to the program §1¶1s1.b.iiw1 §1¶1s1.2.2w10 §1¶1s3w5
4w 3x to distribute the program §2.c¶1s4w14 §3¶1s1w5 §7¶4s8w15
4w 3x of this agreement and §3¶1s1.aw8 §7¶1s1w28 §7¶3s1w22
4w 3x rights under this agreement §5¶1s2w25 §7¶3s1w3 §7¶3s2w4
4w 3x version of the agreement §7¶4s6w3 §7¶4s7w12 §7¶4s8w6
3w 10x of this agreement ¶1s2w12 §2.a¶1s1w5 §2.b¶1s1w5 §3¶1s1.aw8 §3¶2s1.bw3 §7¶1s1w4 §7¶1s1w28 §7¶3s1w22 §7¶4s1w9 §7¶4s2w13
3w 10x under this agreement §1¶1s1.aw14 §1¶5s1w8 §3¶2s1.aw6 §5¶1s2w26 §7¶3s1w4 §7¶3s2w5 §7¶3s3w4 §7¶4s9w26 §7¶4s10w9 §7¶5s2w11
3w 8x of the program ¶1s2w6 §1¶1s3.iiw5 §3¶2s1.bw12 §4¶1s2w11 §4¶1s3w71 §6¶1s1w62 §7¶2s1w24 §7¶3s2w16
3w 6x this agreement and §1¶1s1.aw15 §3¶1s1.aw9 §3¶2s1.aw7 §7¶1s1w29 §7¶3s1w23 §7¶3s3w5
3w 6x to the program §1¶1s1.b.iw2 §1¶1s1.b.iiw2 §1¶1s1.2.2w11 §1¶1s2w11 §1¶1s3w6 §7¶3s3w14
3w 5x the program in §3¶1s1w7 §4¶1s2w18 §4¶1s3w6 §4¶1s3w72 §4¶2s1w7
3w 5x or conditions of §3¶1s1.b.iw17 §3¶1s1.b.iw26 §5¶1s1w20 §5¶1s1w34 §7¶3s1w20
3w 5x the commercial contributor §4¶1s5.aw3 §4¶1s5.bw2 §4¶1s5.bw10 §4¶2s4w4 §4¶2s4w38
3w 3x subject to the §2.a¶1s1w1 §2.b¶1s1w1 §7¶4s7w9
3w 3x in source code §2.a¶1s1w43 §2.b¶1s1w40 §3¶2s1w7
3w 3x object code form §2.a¶1s1w47 §2.b¶1s1w44 §3¶1s1w10
3w 3x of the contribution §2.b¶1s2w9 §2.b¶1s2w28 §3¶4s1w26
3w 3x intellectual property rights §2.c¶1s1w33 §2.c¶1s2w19 §2.c¶1s3w22
3w 3x the program is §3¶1s1.b.ivw6 §3¶2s1w2 §5¶1s1w9
3w 3x commercial contributor in §4¶1s3w64 §4¶1s5.aw4 §4¶1s5.bw11
3w 3x except as expressly §5¶1s1w1 §6¶1s1w1 §7¶4s9w1
3w 3x the agreement steward §7¶4s2w1 §7¶4s3w5 §7¶4s5w11

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