Thomas A. Alspaugh
Repeated phrases in
The Apache Software License, Version 1.1
2 phrases of 3 words or more, repeated 6 times or more
4 words in the longest such phrase
7 repetitions of the most frequent such phrase
w x Phrase Instances
4w 6x the apache software foundation ¶1s1w4 ¶3s1w7 ¶4.2s1w23 ¶5s2w5 ¶6s1w14 ¶6s2w5
3w 7x apache software foundation ¶1s1w5 ¶3s1w8 ¶4.1s1w5 ¶4.2s1w24 ¶5s2w6 ¶6s1w15 ¶6s2w6

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