Thomas A. Alspaugh
Repeated phrases in
Apache License, Version 2.0
33 phrases of 3 words or more, repeated 3 times or more
7 words in the longest such phrase
7 repetitions of the most frequent such phrase
w x Phrase Instances
7w 3x the terms and conditions of this license §I.2¶1s1w3 §I.3¶1s1w3 §I.5¶1s1w23
6w 3x terms and conditions for use reproduction §I¶0s1w1 §I.1¶1s1w5 §I.4¶2s1w18
5w 4x including but not limited to §I.1¶5s1w11 §I.1¶6s1w17 §I.1¶9s2w24 §I.8¶1s1w73
5w 4x in source or object form §I.1¶7s1w9 §I.1¶8s1w8 §I.2¶1s1w44 §I.4¶1s1w22
5w 3x for the purposes of this §I.1¶3s2w1 §I.1¶8s2w1 §I.1¶9s2w1
5w 3x work or derivative works thereof §I.1¶9s1w22 §I.4¶1s1w9 §I.9¶1s1w4
5w 3x the work or derivative works §I.4¶1s1w8 §I.4¶1.1s1w8 §I.9¶1s1w3
5w 3x derivative works that you distribute §I.4¶1.3s1w10 §I.4¶1.4s1w16 §I.4¶1.4s3w9
5w 3x part of the derivative works §I.4¶1.3s1w38 §I.4¶1.4s1w44 §I.4¶1.4s1.1w8
5w 3x unless required by applicable law §I.7¶1s1w1 §I.8¶1s1w17 §II¶4s1w1
5w 3x or agreed to in writing §I.7¶1s1w6 §I.8¶1s1w29 §II¶4s1w6
4w 4x the terms and conditions §I.1¶1s1w4 §I.2¶1s1w3 §I.3¶1s1w3 §I.5¶1s1w23
4w 4x work or derivative works §I.1¶9s1w22 §I.4¶1s1w9 §I.4¶1.1s1w9 §I.9¶1s1w4
4w 4x the license you may §I.4¶1.4s2w16 §I.4¶1.4s3w37 §II¶3s1w8 §II¶3s1.1w11
4w 3x use reproduction and distribution §I¶0s1w5 §I.1¶1s1w9 §I.4¶2s1w40
4w 3x by the copyright owner §I.1¶2s1w10 §I.1¶9s1w38 §I.1¶9s2w73
4w 3x individual or legal entity §I.1¶4s1w7 §I.1¶9s1w45 §I.1¶10s1w7
4w 3x of the work and §I.1¶8s2w27 §I.1¶9s1w12 §I.6¶1s1w33
4w 3x warranties or conditions of §I.7¶1s1w27 §I.7¶1s1w41 §II¶4s1w24
3w 7x terms and conditions §I¶0s1w1 §I.1¶1s1w5 §I.2¶1s1w4 §I.3¶1s1w4 §I.4¶2s1w18 §I.5¶1s1w24 §I.10¶0s1w3
3w 7x the work and §I.1¶8s1w20 §I.1¶8s2w28 §I.1¶9s1w13 §I.2¶1s1w38 §I.6¶1s1w34 §I.7¶1s1w13 §I.7¶1s2w13
3w 7x of the work §I.1¶8s2w27 §I.1¶9s1w12 §I.4¶1s1w7 §I.4¶1.1s1w7 §I.4¶1.3s1w26 §I.4¶2s1w44 §I.6¶1s1w33
3w 6x of this license §I.1¶8s2w4 §I.2¶1s1w7 §I.3¶1s1w7 §I.4¶1.1s1w15 §I.5¶1s1w27 §I.8¶1s1w59
3w 5x shall mean the §I.1¶1s1w2 §I.1¶2s1w2 §I.1¶3s1w3 §I.1¶5s1w3 §I.1¶7s1w2
3w 5x the copyright owner §I.1¶2s1w4 §I.1¶2s1w11 §I.1¶9s1w39 §I.1¶9s1w55 §I.1¶9s2w74
3w 5x the derivative works §I.4¶1.3s1w40 §I.4¶1.4s1w46 §I.4¶1.4s1.1w10 §I.4¶1.4s1.2w11 §I.4¶1.4s1.3w6
3w 4x derivative works thereof §I.1¶8s2w31 §I.1¶9s1w24 §I.4¶1s1w11 §I.9¶1s1w6
3w 4x on behalf of §I.1¶9s1w52 §I.1¶9s2w47 §I.1¶10s1w11 §I.9¶1s2w20
3w 4x the work or §I.3¶1s2w19 §I.4¶1s1w8 §I.4¶1.1s1w8 §I.9¶1s1w3
3w 3x shall mean any §I.1¶6s1w3 §I.1¶8s1w3 §I.1¶9s1w2
3w 3x work of authorship §I.1¶7s1w5 §I.1¶8s1w39 §I.1¶9s1w5
3w 3x under the license §I.1¶7s1w16 §II¶4s1w13 §II¶4s2w12
3w 3x the source form §I.4¶1.3s1w5 §I.4¶1.3s1w23 §I.4¶1.4s1.2w2

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