Thomas A. Alspaugh
Repeated phrases in
Corel Transactional Licensing Program (CTL)
99 phrases of 3 words or more, repeated 3 times or more
16 words in the longest such phrase
22 repetitions of the most frequent such phrase
w x Phrase Instances
16w 3x as is authorized by the software license purchased by licensee as evidenced by the license certificate §4¶1s1.iw8 §4¶1s1.iiw8 §4¶1s1.iiiw12
8w 4x shall be deleted and replaced with the following §14.1¶1s1w7 §14.3¶1s1w6 §16.1¶1s1w6 §16.2¶1s1w5
7w 3x subject to these terms and conditions and §4¶1s1w1 §6.3¶1s1w6 §7.1¶1s1w1
7w 3x the terms and conditions of this agreement §9.3¶1s1w10 §14¶1s1w14 §16¶1s1w15
7w 3x to academic institutions purchasing software pursuant to §14¶1s1w7 §14.2¶1s1w11 §16¶1s1w8
6w 4x to the terms and conditions of §6.4¶1s2w6 §8.1¶1s3w6 §14¶1s1w13 §16¶1s1w14
6w 3x any software license or maintenance license §2¶1s2w21 §3.1¶1s1w8 §3.1¶1s2w1
6w 3x these terms and conditions and licensee's §3.1¶1s2w16 §6.3¶1s1w8 §7.1¶1s1w3
5w 6x the terms and conditions of §6.4¶1s2w7 §8.1¶1s3w7 §9.3¶1s1w10 §14¶1s1w14 §14.3¶2s4w7 §16¶1s1w15
5w 4x these terms and conditions and §3.1¶1s2w16 §4¶1s1w3 §6.3¶1s1w8 §7.1¶1s1w3
5w 4x the maximum number of sessions §15¶24s1.aw82 §15¶24s1.bw14 §15¶24s1.bw56 §15¶24s1.bw99
5w 4x executed at any one time §15¶24s1.aw87 §15¶24s1.bw20 §15¶24s1.bw62 §15¶24s1.bw104
5w 3x these terms and conditions shall §3.1¶1s1w1 §3.1¶1s6w5 §3.1¶1s8w15
5w 3x from time to time and §3.2¶1s1w14 §6.5¶1s4w14 §7.1¶1s6w15
5w 3x in memory or virtual memory §15¶9s1w31 §15¶9s1w44 §15¶24s1.bw37
5w 3x the date of purchase of §15¶11s1w30 §15¶12s1w8 §15¶12s1w24
4w 13x these terms and conditions §3.1¶1s1w1 §3.1¶1s2w16 §3.1¶1s3w4 §3.1¶1s4w11 §3.1¶1s6w5 §3.1¶1s8w11 §3.1¶1s8w15 §3.2¶1s2w9 §4¶1s1w3 §6.3¶1s1w8 §7.1¶1s1w3 §15¶2s1w13 §15¶8s1w14
4w 7x from time to time §3.2¶1s1w14 §3.2¶1s2w13 §6.5¶1s4w14 §7.1¶1s1w27 §7.1¶1s6w15 §15¶13s1w19 §15¶20s1w17
4w 5x license purchased by licensee §2¶1s2w26 §3.1¶1s1w13 §4¶1s1.iw14 §4¶1s1.iiw14 §4¶1s1.iiiw18
4w 5x from corel or reseller §2¶1s2w30 §3.1¶1s1w17 §6.1¶1s1w17 §9.4¶1s4w18 §11¶1s2w4
4w 5x home and laptop use §4¶1s1.iiiw1 §4¶1s1.iiiw30 §14.1¶2s1w3 §14.1¶2s1w25 §15¶9s1w1
4w 5x at any one time §15¶15s1w26 §15¶24s1.aw88 §15¶24s1.bw21 §15¶24s1.bw63 §15¶24s1.bw105
4w 5x attached to a network §15¶24s1.aw7 §15¶24s1.aw35 §15¶24s1.bw10 §15¶24s1.bw50 §15¶24s1.bw89
4w 4x reserves the right to §3.2¶1s1w3 §3.2¶1s2w4 §7.1¶1s6w2 §14.3¶2s4w2
4w 4x shall be entitled to §6.1¶1s2w7 §13.1¶1s2w2 §13.4¶1s3w21 §14.3¶2s1w5
4w 4x of this agreement and §9.3¶1s1w14 §10.1¶1s5w38 §12¶1s3w18 §12¶1s4w26
4w 4x the date of purchase §11¶1s2w26 §15¶11s1w30 §15¶12s1w8 §15¶12s1w24
4w 4x on the license certificate §15¶2s1w7 §15¶8s1w8 §15¶18s1w8 §16.2¶2s1w6
4w 3x this agreement shall be §2¶1s1w4 §9.5¶1s1w3 §13.4¶1s1w1
4w 3x and licensee's continuing compliance §3.1¶1s2w20 §4¶1s1w10 §6.3¶1s1w12
4w 3x copies of the software §4¶1s1.iw4 §4¶1s1.iiw4 §10.1¶1s1.bw4
4w 3x of the software in §4¶1s1.ivw5 §10.1¶1s1.bw5 §15¶15s1w14
4w 3x use of the software §4¶1s1.ivw13 §9.4¶1s3w59 §9.4¶1s4w10
4w 3x at the time of §6.1¶1s1w1 §15¶24s1.aw11 §15¶24s1.aw40
4w 3x during the maintenance period §6.1¶1s2w1 §6.3¶1s1w1 §15¶23s1w10
4w 3x shall entitle licensee to §6.3¶1s1w20 §6.5¶1s1w4 §7.1¶1s1w18
4w 3x as set out in §6.4¶1s1w16 §8.1¶1s2w17 §15¶22s1w6
4w 3x in the event corel §6.4¶1s3w1 §8.1¶1s4w1 §8.2¶1s1w1
4w 3x pursuant to this agreement §9.4¶1s1w14 §14.2¶1s1w16 §15¶5s1w14
4w 3x of the date of §9.4¶1s2w11 §11¶1s2w25 §15¶12s1w23
4w 3x nothing in this agreement §9.5¶1s1w1 §13.2¶1s1w1 §15¶15s2w1
4w 3x to use the software §15¶4s1w11 §15¶19s1w10 §16.1¶2s1w18
4w 3x computers attached to a §15¶24s1.aw34 §15¶24s1.aw71 §15¶24s1.bw88
3w 22x terms and conditions §3.1¶0s1w2 §3.1¶1s1w2 §3.1¶1s2w17 §3.1¶1s3w5 §3.1¶1s4w12 §3.1¶1s6w6 §3.1¶1s8w12 §3.1¶1s8w16 §3.2¶1s2w10 §4¶1s1w4 §6.3¶1s1w9 §6.4¶1s1w11 §6.4¶1s2w8 §7.1¶1s1w4 §8.1¶1s2w12 §8.1¶1s3w8 §9.3¶1s1w11 §14¶1s1w15 §14.3¶2s4w8 §15¶2s1w14 §15¶8s1w15 §16¶1s1w16
3w 20x of the software §4¶1s1.iw5 §4¶1s1.iiw5 §4¶1s1.ivw5 §4¶1s1.ivw14 §6.3¶1s1.iiw14 §6.3¶1s1.iiiw22 §6.3¶1s1.ivw7 §7.1¶1s3w13 §9.4¶1s1w11 §9.4¶1s3w60 §9.4¶1s4w11 §10.1¶1s1.bw5 §12¶1s1w6 §12¶1s2w12 §13.1¶1s2w17 §15¶9s1w11 §15¶14s1w9 §15¶15s1w14 §15¶24s1.aw18 §15¶24s1.bw28
3w 12x of this agreement §9.3¶1s1w14 §9.4¶1s3w4 §9.4¶1s3w37 §10.1¶1s2w19 §10.1¶1s5w38 §12¶1s3w18 §12¶1s4w26 §13.3¶1s1w18 §14¶1s1w18 §15¶10s1w12 §15¶11s1w17 §16¶1s1w19
3w 10x the license certificate §3.1¶1s4w30 §4¶1s1.iw21 §4¶1s1.iiw21 §4¶1s1.iiiw25 §10.1¶1s1w8 §15¶2s1w8 §15¶7s1w4 §15¶8s1w9 §15¶18s1w9 §16.2¶2s1w7
3w 7x in this agreement §2¶1s1w3 §6.4¶1s1w19 §8.1¶1s2w20 §9.2¶1s1w5 §9.5¶1s1w2 §13.2¶1s1w2 §15¶15s2w2
3w 6x purchased by licensee §2¶1s2w27 §3.1¶1s1w14 §4¶1s1.iw15 §4¶1s1.iiw15 §4¶1s1.iiiw19 §6.3¶1s1.iiw24
3w 6x from corel or §2¶1s2w30 §3.1¶1s1w17 §6.1¶1s1w17 §6.3¶1s1.iw4 §9.4¶1s4w18 §11¶1s2w4
3w 6x corel or reseller §2¶1s2w31 §3.1¶1s1w18 §6.1¶1s1w18 §9.4¶1s4w19 §11¶1s2w5 §15¶13s1w14
3w 6x licensee shall be §3.1¶1s4w4 §6.1¶1s2w6 §6.5¶1s2w1 §9.3¶1s1w1 §14.3¶2s1w4 §16.2¶1s1w4
3w 6x the right to §3.2¶1s1w4 §3.2¶1s2w5 §7.1¶1s6w3 §10.1¶1s2w3 §14.3¶2s4w3 §15¶11s1w4
3w 6x the software in §4¶1s1.ivw6 §10.1¶1s1.bw6 §10.1¶1s3w23 §15¶4s1w13 §15¶15s1w15 §16.1¶2s1w20
3w 6x to the terms §6.4¶1s2w6 §8.1¶1s3w6 §12¶1s3w15 §12¶1s4w23 §14¶1s1w13 §16¶1s1w14
3w 6x to this agreement §9.4¶1s1w15 §13.4¶1s3w15 §14.2¶1s1w17 §15¶1s1w6 §15¶5s1w15 §16.3¶1s1w11
3w 6x attached to a §15¶24s1.aw7 §15¶24s1.aw35 §15¶24s1.aw72 §15¶24s1.bw10 §15¶24s1.bw50 §15¶24s1.bw89
3w 5x agreement shall be §2¶1s1w5 §9.5¶1s1w4 §13.4¶1s1w2 §14.1¶1s1w6 §14.3¶1s1w5
3w 5x is authorized by §4¶1s1.iw9 §4¶1s1.iiw9 §4¶1s1.iiiw13 §15¶4s1w7 §16.1¶2s1w7
3w 5x entitle licensee to §6.3¶1s1w21 §6.5¶1s1w5 §7.1¶1s1w19 §7.1¶1s2w13 §10.1¶1s5w13
3w 5x under this agreement §6.3¶1s1.iiiw9 §6.3¶1s1.ivw11 §9.6¶1s2w25 §13.4¶1s4w15 §15¶18s1w20
3w 5x this agreement and §9.3¶1s1w15 §9.6¶1s2w26 §10.1¶1s5w39 §12¶1s3w19 §12¶1s4w27
3w 5x the date of §9.4¶1s2w12 §11¶1s2w26 §15¶11s1w30 §15¶12s1w8 §15¶12s1w24
3w 5x the software is §11¶1s1w1 §12¶1s3w2 §12¶1s3w10 §12¶1s4w2 §12¶1s4w15
3w 5x in accordance with §12¶1s3.iw1 §12¶1s3.iiw4 §13.4¶1s1w9 §15¶4s1w15 §16.1¶2s1w22
3w 4x software license or §2¶1s1w18 §2¶1s2w22 §3.1¶1s1w9 §3.1¶1s2w2
3w 4x shall apply to §3.1¶1s1w5 §6.4¶1s3w21 §8.1¶1s4w21 §15¶1s1w4
3w 4x licensee shall not §3.1¶1s7w16 §9.1¶1s2w1 §9.2¶1s1w8 §13.1¶1s1.1w2
3w 4x in the event §3.1¶1s8w1 §6.4¶1s3w1 §8.1¶1s4w1 §8.2¶1s1w1
3w 4x copy of the §4¶1s1.iiiw7 §4¶1s1.ivw4 §6.3¶1s1.iiiw17 §15¶9s1w10
3w 4x the maintenance period §6.1¶1s2w2 §6.2¶1s1w11 §6.3¶1s1w2 §15¶23s1w11
3w 4x set out in §6.1¶1s2w18 §6.4¶1s1w17 §8.1¶1s2w18 §15¶22s1w7
3w 4x the maintenance license §6.2¶1s1w1 §6.3¶1s1w17 §15¶11s1w35 §15¶12s1w13
3w 4x the number of §6.3¶1s1.iiw19 §15¶6s1w15 §15¶24s1.aw45 §15¶24s1.bw68
3w 4x by corel to §7.1¶1s2w10 §15¶7s1w8 §15¶17s1w6 §16.2¶2s1w16
3w 4x software pursuant to §9.4¶1s1w13 §14¶1s1w11 §14.2¶1s1w15 §16¶1s1w12
3w 3x shall be deemed §2¶1s1w6 §3.1¶1s4w5 §9.6¶1s3w18
3w 3x a maintenance license §2¶1s1w21 §6.1¶1s1w14 §6.1¶1s3w15
3w 3x and shall not §3.1¶1s6w31 §9.6¶1s2w9 §9.6¶1s2w28
3w 3x the software and §4¶1s1.ivw15 §6.3¶1s1.iiiw23 §9.1¶1s1w9
3w 3x in the software §5¶1s1w23 §8.2¶1s1w18 §15¶23s2w15
3w 3x of the maintenance §6.2¶1s1w10 §15¶11s1w34 §15¶12s1w12
3w 3x to the software §6.3¶1s1.iiiw5 §8.1¶1s1w27 §11¶1s2w13
3w 3x the software licensed §6.3¶1s1.iiiw6 §6.3¶1s1.ivw8 §15¶5s1w11
3w 3x terminate this agreement §6.4¶1s2w23 §8.1¶1s3w23 §10.1¶1s2w6
3w 3x the software shall §6.4¶1s3w19 §8.1¶1s4w19 §12¶1s1w23
3w 3x is only available §6.5¶1s4w4 §6.5¶1s4w19 §7.1¶1s3w3
3w 3x in respect of §7.1¶1s2.iiw3 §7.1¶1s3w6 §11¶2s1w16
3w 3x may not be §7.1¶1s4w14 §9.1¶1s3w31 §14.3¶2s2w14
3w 3x to support the §7.1¶1s5w3 §9.4¶1s4w24 §14.3¶2s3w3
3w 3x notice to licensee §7.1¶1s6w21 §8.2¶1s2w28 §10.1¶1s2w11
3w 3x in no event §8.2¶1s1w55 §11¶1s4w1 §11¶2s1w1
3w 3x this agreement is §10.1¶1s1w1 §13.1¶1s1w1 §13.2¶1s1w3
3w 3x with this agreement §11¶1s4w39 §15¶4s1w17 §16.1¶2s1w24
3w 3x this agreement the §13.4¶1s3w16 §16¶1s1w20 §16.1¶2s1w25
3w 3x by corel as §15¶16s1w23 §15¶20s1w13 §15¶23s1w18
3w 3x a new product §15¶16s1w26 §15¶16s2w17 §15¶23s1w25
3w 3x or any portion §15¶24s1.aw57 §15¶24s1.bw25 §15¶24s1.bw76
3w 3x public or private §16.3¶2s1w5 §16.3¶3s2w67 §16.3¶3s2w105

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