Thomas A. Alspaugh
Repeated phrases in
Google Apps Standard Edition Agreement
197 phrases of 3 words or more, repeated 3 times or more
10 words in the longest such phrase
30 repetitions of the most frequent such phrase
w x Phrase Instances
10w 5x which may be modified from time to time available at §5.1¶1s1.iw6 §5.1¶1s1.iiw6 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw9 §5.1¶1s2w31 §5.1¶1s2w55
10w 3x subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement customer §2¶1s3w1 §3¶1s2w1 §10¶1s3w1
9w 4x subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement §2¶1s3w1 §3¶1s2w1 §7¶1s2w1 §10¶1s3w1
8w 3x google will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide §2¶1s1w1 §3¶1s1w1 §3.1¶1s3w1
8w 3x or such url as google may provide and §5.1¶1s1.iw19 §5.1¶1s1.iiw19 §5.1¶1s2w43
7w 8x or such url as google may provide §5.1¶1s1.iw19 §5.1¶1s1.iiw19 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw20 §5.1¶1s2w43 §5.1¶1s2w66 §7¶1s4w23 §7¶1s5w25 §17¶1s1w41
7w 6x the terms and conditions of this agreement §2¶1s3w3 §3¶1s2w3 §7¶1s2w3 §9¶1s8w37 §10¶1s3w3 §19¶1s11w1
7w 6x may be modified from time to time §5.1¶1s1.iw7 §5.1¶1s1.iiw7 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw10 §5.1¶1s2w32 §5.1¶1s2w56 §19¶1s11w18
7w 3x not be subject to any revenue sharing §2¶1s9w28 §3.1¶1s6w28 §3.2¶1s8w26
6w 4x during the term of this agreement §2¶1s1w15 §3¶1s1w15 §8¶1s11w11 §10¶1s3w20
6w 4x by google from time to time §3.1¶1s5w31 §3.2¶1s6w14 §3.3¶1s1w41 §5.5¶1s1w17
5w 7x including but not limited to §3.2¶1s5w10 §8¶1s1w33 §9¶1s1w33 §15¶1s1w23 §15¶1s1w55 §15¶1s1w74 §19¶1s7w28
5w 4x google apps for your domain §1.4¶1s1w10 §5.2¶1s1w10 §5.2¶1s1w18 §5.2¶1s2w18
5w 4x customer agrees that google may §2¶1s2w1 §3.1¶1s4w1 §16¶1s3w1 §19¶1s1w1
5w 4x the start page service to §3¶1s1w9 §3¶1s2w13 §3.2¶1s1w8 §5.2.1¶1s2w13
5w 3x to its end users and §2¶1s3.aw5 §3¶1s2.aw5 §5.2.2¶1s1w18
5w 3x use the start page service §3¶1s2w12 §3.2.1¶1s4w33 §5.2.1¶1s2w12
5w 3x of the start page service §3.2¶1s1w7 §5.2.1¶1s1w20 §6¶1s3w13
5w 3x to the start page customer §3.2¶1s1w19 §3.4¶1s1w16 §3.5¶0s1w2
5w 3x content on the start page §3.2¶1s4w16 §3.2¶1s8w13 §3.5¶1s1w41
5w 3x shall have the right to §3.2.1¶1s3w9 §5.5¶1s2w2 §5.5¶1s3w2
5w 3x customer agrees to comply with §4.1¶1s2w1 §5.2¶1s4w1 §5.6¶1s4w1
5w 3x to customer's registrar partner s §4.2¶1s1w16 §4.2¶1s2w10 §4.2¶1s4w10
5w 3x google shall have the right §5.4¶1s1w31 §5.5¶1s2w1 §5.5¶1s3w1
5w 3x the service at any time §5.5¶1s2w14 §16¶1s1w6 §17¶1s1w29
5w 3x relating to the service and §8¶1s1.ew9 §9¶1s1w22 §19¶1s10w22
4w 18x from time to time §1.5¶1s1.iiw12 §3.1¶1s5w33 §3.2¶1s6w16 §3.3¶1s1w43 §4¶1s3w17 §5.1¶1s1.iw10 §5.1¶1s1.iiw10 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw13 §5.1¶1s2w35 §5.1¶1s2w59 §5.2¶1s4w20 §5.5¶1s1w19 §9¶1s4w10 §10¶1s1w33 §10¶1s5w31 §10¶1s8.1w9 §16¶1s2w15 §19¶1s11w21
4w 15x the start page service §1.4¶1s1w38 §1.6¶1s1w10 §3¶1s1w9 §3¶1s2w13 §3.1¶1s6w18 §3.2¶1s1w8 §3.2¶1s2w8 §3.2.1¶1s2w20 §3.2.1¶1s4w6 §3.2.1¶1s4w34 §5.2.1¶1s1w21 §5.2.1¶1s2w13 §5.2.1¶1s2w51 §6¶1s3w6 §6¶1s3w14
4w 10x use of the service ¶1s5w8 §5.4¶1s1w44 §5.5¶1s1w11 §7¶1s1w25 §12¶1s2.ivw17 §13¶1s4w8 §14¶1s1.iiw2 §14¶1s1.viw4 §16¶1s1w4 §17¶1s3.iiiw4
4w 10x url as google may §3.2¶1s2w24 §3.2¶1s2w45 §5.1¶1s1.iw21 §5.1¶1s1.iiw21 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw22 §5.1¶1s2w45 §5.1¶1s2w68 §7¶1s4w25 §7¶1s5w27 §17¶1s1w43
4w 8x the hosted communication services §1.4¶1s1w33 §1.5¶1s1.iiw19 §2¶1s1w9 §2¶1s2w12 §2¶1s6w3 §2¶1s8w4 §2¶1s8w15 §2¶1s9w18
4w 7x customer domain name s §1.1¶1s1w1 §2¶1s7w21 §2¶1s7.1w22 §4¶1s2w19 §4.4¶1s4w18 §12¶1s2.iw11 §14¶1s1.iw1
4w 7x the terms and conditions §2¶1s3w3 §3¶1s2w3 §7¶1s2w3 §9¶1s8w37 §10¶1s3w3 §17¶1s1w17 §19¶1s11w1
4w 6x customer agrees that google §2¶1s2w1 §3.1¶1s1w1 §3.1¶1s4w1 §16¶1s3w1 §16¶1s5w1 §19¶1s1w1
4w 6x which may be modified §3.1¶1s5w27 §5.1¶1s1.iw6 §5.1¶1s1.iiw6 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw9 §5.1¶1s2w31 §5.1¶1s2w55
4w 6x customer agrees not to §3.2.2¶1s7w1 §3.3¶1s2w1 §3.4¶1s2w1 §6¶1s3w20 §9¶1s7w1 §11¶1s1w1
4w 5x agrees that google may §2¶1s2w2 §2¶1s7.1w5 §3.1¶1s4w2 §16¶1s3w2 §19¶1s1w2
4w 5x on the start page §3.1¶1s1w19 §3.2¶1s4w17 §3.2¶1s6w2 §3.2¶1s8w14 §3.5¶1s1w42
4w 5x to the start page §3.2¶1s1w19 §3.4¶1s1w16 §3.4¶1s2w28 §3.5¶0s1w2 §6¶1s3w5
4w 5x the start page customer §3.2¶1s1w20 §3.2¶1s4w18 §3.4¶1s1w17 §3.5¶0s1w3 §5.3¶1s1w23
4w 5x google reserves the right §3.2.1¶1s2w1 §5.1¶1s5w1 §16¶1s2w7 §17¶1s1w7 §18¶1s2w5
4w 4x commercially reasonable efforts to §2¶1s1w4 §3¶1s1w4 §3.1¶1s3w4 §8¶1s8w26
4w 4x of this agreement customer §2¶1s1w18 §2¶1s3w7 §3¶1s2w7 §10¶1s3w7
4w 4x its end users and §2¶1s3.aw6 §3¶1s2.aw6 §5.2.2¶1s1w19 §5.3¶1s1w19
4w 4x by google from the §2¶1s9w7 §2¶1s9w15 §3.1¶1s6w7 §3.1¶1s6w15
4w 4x shall have the right §3.2.1¶1s3w9 §5.4¶1s1w32 §5.5¶1s2w2 §5.5¶1s3w2
4w 4x be liable for any §3.2.2¶1s4.bw3 §3.2.2¶1s5w10 §5.3¶1s4w6 §15¶1s1w9
4w 4x customer is responsible for §4¶1s5w16 §5.3¶1s2w1 §7¶1s1w1 §17¶1s2w1
4w 4x customer's registrar partner s §4.2¶1s1w17 §4.2¶1s2w11 §4.2¶1s4w11 §4.3¶1s1w7
4w 4x at any time and §4.2¶1s5w17 §4.4¶1s1w19 §16¶1s2w11 §16¶1s3w6
4w 4x google may provide customer §5.1¶1s1.iiiw24 §5.2.1¶1s1w1 §17¶1s1w45 §19¶1s1w4
4w 4x relating to the service §5.1¶1s2w14 §8¶1s1.ew9 §9¶1s1w22 §19¶1s10w22
4w 4x the service or any §6¶1s3w25 §9¶1s7.vw7 §9¶1s9w1 §16¶1s2w21
4w 4x of this agreement and §8¶1s1.fw3 §8¶1s11w14 §12¶1s2.iiiw5 §19¶1s11w5
4w 3x to use the service §1.3¶1s1w23 §5.6¶1s1w3 §12¶1s2.iiw17
4w 3x at its sole discretion §1.3¶1s2w18 §3.2¶1s6w20 §4.4¶1s1w23
4w 3x as part of the §1.5¶1s1.iiw16 §4.2¶1s5w29 §9¶1s5w9
4w 3x customer may use the §2¶1s3w10 §3¶1s2w10 §3.2¶1s1w1
4w 3x customer acknowledges that the §2¶1s8w1 §3.3¶1s1w1 §8¶1s3w1
4w 3x customer's domain name s §4.1¶1s1w9 §4.1¶1s2w13 §4.2¶1s3w14
4w 3x customer authorizes google to §4.3¶1s1w1 §4.3¶1s2w1 §4.4¶1s3w1
4w 3x to the service in §5.1¶1s4w17 §5.6¶1s2w23 §18¶1s1.iiw11
4w 3x of its end users §5.2.2¶1s1w7 §5.2.2¶1s1w26 §5.3¶1s1w18
4w 3x of the service and §5.4¶1s1w19 §9¶1s8w26 §11¶1s2.iw29
4w 3x code of the software §8¶1s3w8 §8¶1s3w43 §9¶1s7.iiw15
4w 3x confidential information of discloser §8¶1s4w11 §8¶1s6w5 §8¶1s7.iiiw27
4w 3x court order subpoena or §8¶1s8w13 §8¶1s8w41 §8¶1s8w64
4w 3x google and its licensors §9¶1s1w1 §13¶1s3w1 §13¶1s5w1
4w 3x interest including without limitation §9¶1s1w11 §10¶1s7w9 §10¶1s9w25
4w 3x portion of the service §9¶1s8w13 §9¶1s8w25 §16¶1s3w25
4w 3x may not apply to §13¶1s8w15 §15¶1s3w21 §18¶1s1.iiw1
3w 30x the start page §1.4¶1s1w38 §1.6¶1s1w10 §3¶1s1w9 §3¶1s2w13 §3.1¶1s1w20 §3.1¶1s6w18 §3.2¶1s1w8 §3.2¶1s1w20 §3.2¶1s2w8 §3.2¶1s3w16 §3.2¶1s4w18 §3.2¶1s6w3 §3.2¶1s8w15 §3.2.1¶1s2w20 §3.2.1¶1s4w6 §3.2.1¶1s4w34 §3.3¶1s1w4 §3.4¶1s1w17 §3.4¶1s2w29 §3.5¶0s1w3 §3.5¶1s1w4 §3.5¶1s1w32 §3.5¶1s1w43 §5.2.1¶1s1w21 §5.2.1¶1s2w13 §5.2.1¶1s2w51 §5.3¶1s1w23 §6¶1s3w6 §6¶1s3w14 §10¶1s5w12
3w 29x of the service ¶1s5w9 §4.2¶1s5w31 §5.1¶1s1w16 §5.1¶1s2w7 §5.2.2¶1s1w11 §5.4¶1s1w19 §5.4¶1s1w45 §5.5¶1s1w12 §5.5¶1s2w13 §5.5¶1s3w19 §7¶1s1w26 §7¶1s5w7 §8¶1s9w13 §9¶1s5w11 §9¶1s8w14 §9¶1s8w26 §11¶1s2.iw29 §12¶1s2.ivw18 §13¶1s4w9 §13¶1s10w32 §14¶1s1.iiw3 §14¶1s1.viw5 §15¶1s1.1w20 §16¶1s1w5 §16¶1s3w26 §16¶1s5w24 §17¶1s3.iiiw5 §18¶1s1w18 §18¶1s2w14
3w 19x of this agreement §2¶1s1w18 §2¶1s3w7 §3¶1s1w18 §3¶1s2w7 §7¶1s2w7 §8¶1s1.fw3 §8¶1s7.ivw9 §8¶1s11w14 §9¶1s8w41 §10¶1s3w7 §10¶1s3w23 §11¶1s1w14 §11¶1s2.iiw10 §12¶1s2.iiiw5 §14¶1s1.vw7 §16¶1s6.1w27 §19¶1s8w4 §19¶1s11w5 §19¶1s11w42
3w 17x start page service §1.4¶1s1w39 §1.6¶1s1w11 §1.7¶1s1w1 §3¶0s1w1 §3¶1s1w10 §3¶1s2w14 §3.1¶1s6w19 §3.2¶1s1w9 §3.2¶1s2w9 §3.2.1¶1s2w21 §3.2.1¶1s4w7 §3.2.1¶1s4w35 §5.2.1¶1s1w22 §5.2.1¶1s2w14 §5.2.1¶1s2w52 §6¶1s3w7 §6¶1s3w15
3w 13x domain name s §1.1¶1s1w2 §1.1¶1s1w7 §2¶1s7w22 §2¶1s7.1w23 §4¶1s1w7 §4¶1s1w13 §4¶1s2w20 §4.1¶1s1w10 §4.1¶1s2w14 §4.2¶1s3w15 §4.4¶1s4w19 §12¶1s2.iw12 §14¶1s1.iw2
3w 13x google may provide §1.5¶1s1.iiw9 §3.2¶1s3w2 §5.1¶1s1.iw23 §5.1¶1s1.iiw23 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw24 §5.1¶1s2w47 §5.1¶1s2w70 §5.2.1¶1s1w1 §7¶1s4w27 §7¶1s5w29 §10¶1s8.1w6 §17¶1s1w45 §19¶1s1w4
3w 13x customer agrees that §2¶1s2w1 §2¶1s9w1 §3.1¶1s1w1 §3.1¶1s4w1 §3.1¶1s6w1 §3.2.1¶1s1w1 §4.1¶1s5w21 §4.2¶1s1w1 §5.6¶1s2w1 §16¶1s3w1 §16¶1s5w1 §19¶1s1w1 §19¶1s4w1
3w 12x use of the ¶1s5w8 §3.2.2¶1s5w21 §5.4¶1s1w44 §5.5¶1s1w11 §6¶1s3w12 §7¶1s1w25 §12¶1s2.ivw17 §13¶1s4w8 §14¶1s1.iiw2 §14¶1s1.viw4 §16¶1s1w4 §17¶1s3.iiiw4
3w 11x its end users §1.5¶1s1w21 §1.7¶1s1w16 §2¶1s3.aw6 §3¶1s2.aw6 §3.2.1¶1s4w30 §5.1¶1s1w4 §5.2.2¶1s1w8 §5.2.2¶1s1w19 §5.2.2¶1s1w27 §5.3¶1s1w19 §7¶1s1w22
3w 10x terms and conditions ¶1s3.iw15 §2¶1s3w4 §3¶1s2w4 §4¶1s4w8 §4.1¶1s5w54 §7¶1s2w4 §9¶1s8w38 §10¶1s3w4 §17¶1s1w18 §19¶1s11w2
3w 10x hosted communication services §1.4¶1s1w34 §1.5¶1s1w1 §1.5¶1s1.iiw20 §2¶0s1w1 §2¶1s1w10 §2¶1s2w13 §2¶1s6w4 §2¶1s8w5 §2¶1s8w16 §2¶1s9w19
3w 9x may be modified §3.1¶1s5w28 §3.2¶1s6w11 §3.2.2¶1s1w10 §5.1¶1s1.iw7 §5.1¶1s1.iiw7 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw10 §5.1¶1s2w32 §5.1¶1s2w56 §19¶1s11w18
3w 9x not limited to §3.2¶1s5w12 §5.1¶1s1w24 §5.1¶1s2w23 §8¶1s1w35 §9¶1s1w35 §15¶1s1w25 §15¶1s1w57 §15¶1s1w76 §19¶1s7w30
3w 9x at any time §3.2.2¶1s1w17 §4.2¶1s5w17 §4.4¶1s1w19 §5.5¶1s2w16 §8¶1s3w50 §16¶1s1w8 §16¶1s2w11 §16¶1s3w6 §17¶1s1w31
3w 9x to the service §5.1¶1s2w15 §5.1¶1s4w17 §5.3¶1s3w14 §5.6¶1s2w23 §8¶1s1.ew10 §9¶1s1w23 §13¶1s6w16 §18¶1s1.iiw11 §19¶1s10w23
3w 8x this agreement and ¶1s3.iiw7 §5.3¶1s2w34 §5.6¶1s1w18 §8¶1s1.fw4 §8¶1s11w15 §12¶1s2.iiiw6 §16¶1s3w14 §19¶1s11w6
3w 8x to this agreement ¶1s3.iiiw12 §5.6¶1s3w3 §15¶1s4w15 §17¶1s2w9 §17¶1s3w5 §19¶1s1w14 §19¶1s4w11 §19¶1s6w7
3w 8x that google may §1.5¶1s1.iiw8 §2¶1s2w3 §2¶1s7.1w6 §3.1¶1s4w3 §4.2¶1s1w22 §4.4¶1s1w3 §16¶1s3w3 §19¶1s1w3
3w 8x by google from §2¶1s9w7 §2¶1s9w15 §3.1¶1s5w31 §3.1¶1s6w7 §3.1¶1s6w15 §3.2¶1s6w14 §3.3¶1s1w41 §5.5¶1s1w17
3w 8x customer agrees to §4.1¶1s2w1 §4.1¶1s3w1 §5.1¶1s3w21 §5.2¶1s4w1 §5.2.2¶1s1w1 §5.3¶1s3w1 §5.6¶1s1w1 §5.6¶1s4w1
3w 7x in this agreement §1.4¶1s1w25 §6¶1s4w6 §10¶1s1w3 §10¶1s3w36 §10¶1s9w8 §15¶1s1w108 §17¶1s1w22
3w 7x an end user §1.7¶1s1w39 §2¶1s4w5 §3¶1s3w5 §3.2¶1s7w25 §3.4¶1s2w7 §3.4¶1s2w16 §5.1¶1s4w34
3w 7x this agreement customer §2¶1s1w19 §2¶1s3w8 §3¶1s2w8 §4.3¶1s1w37 §5.6¶1s3w40 §6¶1s4w7 §10¶1s3w8
3w 7x agrees that google §2¶1s2w2 §2¶1s7.1w5 §3.1¶1s1w2 §3.1¶1s4w2 §16¶1s3w2 §16¶1s5w2 §19¶1s1w2
3w 7x which may be §3.1¶1s5w27 §5.1¶1s1.iw6 §5.1¶1s1.iiw6 §5.1¶1s1.iiiw9 §5.1¶1s2w31 §5.1¶1s2w55 §5.2¶1s4w16
3w 7x the service and §5.4¶1s1w20 §8¶1s1.ew11 §9¶1s1w24 §9¶1s8w27 §11¶1s2.iw30 §13¶1s2w26 §19¶1s10w24
3w 7x the service or §5.6¶1s2w16 §6¶1s3w25 §6¶1s4w32 §9¶1s7.vw7 §9¶1s9w1 §15¶1s1.1w15 §16¶1s2w21
3w 6x end user account §1.3¶1s1w1 §1.7¶1s1w40 §3.2¶1s7w26 §5.1¶1s3.iiw6 §5.1¶1s4w11 §5.1¶1s5w13
3w 6x including without limitation §5.5¶1s1w23 §9¶1s1w12 §10¶1s7w10 §10¶1s9w26 §13¶1s3w17 §14¶1s1w49
3w 5x to the terms ¶1s1w35 §2¶1s3w2 §3¶1s2w2 §7¶1s2w2 §10¶1s3w2
3w 5x use the service §1.3¶1s1w24 §2¶1s3w12 §5.6¶1s1w4 §9¶1s7.ivw1 §12¶1s2.iiw18
3w 5x the service google §1.3¶1s1w25 §5.5¶1s1.iiw6 §13¶1s4w10 §13¶1s5w16 §13¶1s6w17
3w 5x end user accounts §1.3¶1s2w8 §1.5¶1s1w17 §2¶1s3.aw2 §2¶1s3.bw3 §5.3¶1s1w15
3w 5x reasonable efforts to §2¶1s1w5 §3¶1s1w5 §3.1¶1s3w5 §7¶1s3w13 §8¶1s8w27
3w 5x in connection with §2¶1s2w9 §3.1¶1s4w9 §4.4¶1s2w1 §5.3¶1s1w10 §8¶1s1w1
3w 5x customer acknowledges that §2¶1s8w1 §3.3¶1s1w1 §5.1¶1s1w1 §5.1¶1s2w1 §8¶1s3w1
3w 5x the right to §3.2.1¶1s3w11 §5.5¶1s2w4 §5.5¶1s3w4 §17¶1s1w9 §18¶1s2w7
3w 5x customer understands that §3.2.1¶1s4w1 §3.5¶1s1w1 §4¶1s5w1 §4.1¶1s1w1 §4.4¶1s1w1
3w 5x be liable for §3.2.2¶1s4.bw3 §3.2.2¶1s5w10 §5.3¶1s4w6 §15¶1s1w9 §19¶1s7w4
3w 5x liable for any §3.2.2¶1s4.bw4 §3.2.2¶1s5w11 §4.1¶1s5w26 §5.3¶1s4w7 §15¶1s1w10
3w 5x to comply with §4.1¶1s2w3 §5.2¶1s4w3 §5.3¶1s4w16 §5.6¶1s4w3 §8¶1s8w9
3w 5x customer's registrar partner §4.1¶1s4w26 §4.2¶1s1w17 §4.2¶1s2w11 §4.2¶1s4w11 §4.3¶1s1w7
3w 5x to the extent §4.1¶1s5w1 §9¶1s7.iiw20 §13¶1s9w4 §15¶1s2w17 §19¶1s8w16
3w 5x registrar partner s §4.2¶1s1w18 §4.2¶1s2w12 §4.2¶1s4w12 §4.3¶1s1w8 §4.3¶1s1w23
3w 5x under this agreement §4.3¶1s1w36 §5.3¶1s2w33 §8¶1s4w35 §15¶1s5w26 §19¶1s2w14
3w 5x relating to the §5.1¶1s2w14 §8¶1s1.ew9 §9¶1s1w22 §19¶1s10w22 §19¶1s11w37
3w 5x any third party §5.2.1¶1s2w8 §5.2.1¶1s2w38 §6¶1s4w39 §13¶1s6w8 §16¶1s5w15
3w 5x customer shall not §6¶1s1w7 §6¶1s4w9 §9¶1s2w1 §10¶1s2w27 §10¶1s11w1
3w 5x confidential information of §8¶1s4w11 §8¶1s6w5 §8¶1s6w32 §8¶1s7.iiiw27 §8¶1s9w18
3w 5x any and all §9¶1s4w5 §9¶1s4w41 §9¶1s4w48 §9¶1s8w1 §14¶1s1w39
3w 5x not apply to §13¶1s8w16 §15¶1s2w6 §15¶1s3w22 §18¶1s1.iw2 §18¶1s1.iiw2
3w 4x the google apps §1.2¶1s1w11 §5.1¶1s2w26 §5.2¶1s2w17 §5.2.2¶1s1w31
3w 4x through the service §1.3¶1s1w12 §6¶1s3w31 §9¶1s6w14 §13¶1s2w25
3w 4x to use the §1.3¶1s1w23 §5.2.1¶1s2w11 §5.6¶1s1w3 §12¶1s2.iiw17
3w 4x by google and §1.4¶1s1w21 §2¶1s9w25 §3.1¶1s6w25 §3.5¶1s1w15
3w 4x the service to §2¶1s3w13 §6¶1s3w32 §10¶1s5w4 §18¶1s1w7
3w 4x customer and google §2¶1s4w13 §3¶1s3w13 §19¶1s5w33 §19¶1s10w19
3w 4x be subject to §2¶1s9w29 §3.1¶1s6w29 §3.2¶1s8w27 §9¶1s8w33
3w 4x shall not be §3.2¶1s8w25 §3.2.2¶1s4.bw1 §10¶1s2w28 §16¶1s5w5
3w 4x any customer content §3.2.1¶1s2w15 §3.2.1¶1s3w15 §3.5¶1s1w36 §14¶1s1.ivw1
3w 4x google and its §3.2.1¶1s3w5 §9¶1s1w1 §13¶1s3w1 §13¶1s5w1
3w 4x this agreement or §3.2.1¶1s3w23 §16¶1s4.iw4 §17¶1s1w23 §19¶1s11w43
3w 4x access to the §3.5¶0s1w1 §5.1¶1s4w16 §5.3¶1s3w13 §8¶1s4w28
3w 4x such registrar partner §4¶1s2w24 §4¶1s2w37 §4¶1s6w21 §4.3¶1s1w22
3w 4x that customer is §4¶1s5w15 §4.1¶1s1w3 §4.1¶1s5w23 §8¶1s3w29
3w 4x customer's domain name §4¶1s6w13 §4.1¶1s1w9 §4.1¶1s2w13 §4.2¶1s3w14
3w 4x the domain service §4.2¶1s1w12 §4.2¶1s3w5 §4.3¶1s2w19 §18¶1s1.iw5
3w 4x authorizes google to §4.3¶1s1w2 §4.3¶1s2w2 §4.4¶1s3w2 §4.4¶1s4w3
3w 4x terms of use §5.1¶1s1.iw3 §5.1¶1s3w16 §5.1¶1s4w28 §5.5¶1s1.iiiw3
3w 4x any end user §5.1¶1s4w10 §5.1¶1s5w17 §5.3¶1s5w24 §16¶1s5w11
3w 4x in accordance with §5.2¶1s3w9 §5.6¶1s1w15 §7¶1s2w20 §19¶1s5w9
3w 4x for the service §5.2¶1s4w8 §5.5¶1s1.iiw5 §6¶1s2w13 §7¶1s2w29
3w 4x except as expressly §6¶1s1w1 §6¶1s4w1 §9¶1s9w15 §10¶1s2w1
3w 4x set forth in §6¶1s2w8 §6¶1s4w4 §9¶1s2w18 §15¶1s1w106
3w 4x intellectual property rights §9¶1s1w16 §9¶1s4w1 §9¶1s6w5 §10¶1s7w14
3w 4x in the service §10¶1s2w22 §10¶1s5w40 §13¶1s7w9 §15¶1s1.1w14
3w 4x google brand features §10¶1s8w7 §10¶1s10w27 §10¶1s11w11 §10¶1s11w25
3w 3x the effective date ¶1s2w17 §13¶1s9w20 §18¶1s1w31
3w 3x the service as ¶1s5w10 §1.1¶1s1w20 §5.5¶1s1w13
3w 3x as defined below ¶1s5w12 §1.1¶1s1w22 §9¶1s1w19
3w 3x customer's end users §1.2¶1s1w4 §1.3¶1s1w9 §3.5¶1s1w22
3w 3x the service for §1.3¶1s1w13 §9¶1s7.ivw2 §18¶1s2w15
3w 3x end users to §1.3¶1s1w21 §1.5¶1s1.iw2 §3.2¶1s3w12
3w 3x to end users §1.3¶1s2w13 §6¶1s3w34 §10¶1s5w6
3w 3x end users of §1.3¶1s2w14 §5.2.2¶1s1w9 §7¶1s5w5
3w 3x service means the §1.4¶1s1w1 §1.7¶1s1w3 §1.8¶1s1w2
3w 3x which may include §1.4¶1s1w28 §5.1¶1s1w19 §5.1¶1s2w18
3w 3x provided by google §1.5¶1s1w8 §1.8¶1s1w6 §7¶1s5w11
3w 3x provide customer with §1.5¶1s1w13 §5.2.1¶1s1w3 §19¶1s1w6
3w 3x the united states §2¶1s5w11 §5.6¶1s5w8 §5.6¶1s5w37
3w 3x google or its §2¶1s5w20 §3.2.2¶1s10w2 §15¶1s1w5
3w 3x by using the §2¶1s6w1 §3.2.1¶1s4w4 §8¶1s6w9
3w 3x and agrees that §2¶1s7.1w4 §5.3¶1s5w3 §13¶1s1w3
3w 3x be retained by §2¶1s9w23 §3.1¶1s6w23 §3.2¶1s8w19
3w 3x terms of service §3.2¶1s2w36 §3.3¶1s1w33 §5.1¶1s1.iiw3
3w 3x notwithstanding the foregoing §3.2¶1s7w1 §10¶1s6w1 §16¶1s4w1
3w 3x the foregoing google §3.2.1¶1s3w3 §10¶1s6w2 §16¶1s4w2
3w 3x and that customer §3.2.1¶1s4w26 §4¶1s5w14 §8¶1s3w28
3w 3x and may be §3.2.2¶1s1w9 §3.2.2¶1s2w11 §9¶1s6w25
3w 3x google does not §3.2.2¶1s3w1 §9¶1s5w1 §13¶1s7w1
3w 3x not be liable §3.2.2¶1s4.bw2 §5.3¶1s4w5 §16¶1s5w6
3w 3x relating to customer's §3.2.2¶1s5w15 §4¶1s6w11 §4.1¶1s5w36
3w 3x end user privacy §3.3¶1s1w26 §5.1¶1s5w18 §5.2.2¶0s1w1
3w 3x registrar partner and §4¶1s2w25 §4¶1s5w12 §4¶1s6w22
3w 3x on customer's behalf §4¶1s8w16 §4.1¶1s5w10 §4.3¶1s1w11
3w 3x comply with the §4.1¶1s2w4 §5.2¶1s4w4 §6¶1s2w4
3w 3x for the limited §4.4¶1s3w12 §4.4¶1s4w12 §9¶1s2w12
3w 3x service which may §5.1¶1s1w18 §5.1¶1s1.iiw5 §5.1¶1s2w17
3w 3x and the google §5.1¶1s1.iw26 §5.1¶1s2w50 §5.2.2¶1s1w36
3w 3x policies or guidelines §5.1¶1s1.iiiw3 §5.6¶1s1w23 §5.6¶1s3w17
3w 3x of use or §5.1¶1s3w17 §5.1¶1s4w29 §15¶1s1w31
3w 3x suspend or terminate §5.1¶1s3.iiw2 §5.1¶1s4w7 §5.1¶1s5w9
3w 3x third party to §5.2.1¶1s2w9 §5.2.1¶1s2w39 §6¶1s4w25
3w 3x end users or §5.2.1¶1s2w25 §6¶1s4w20 §7¶1s1w12
3w 3x customer's use of §5.6¶1s3w6 §12¶1s2.ivw16 §14¶1s1.iiw1
3w 3x google customer shall §6¶1s1w6 §7¶1s3w8 §10¶1s10w41
3w 3x expressly set forth §6¶1s4w3 §9¶1s2w17 §10¶1s3w43
3w 3x technical support services §7¶0s1w1 §7¶1s2w13 §7¶1s5w1
3w 3x of its obligations §8¶1s1w5 §12¶1s2.iiiw13 §19¶1s7w11
3w 3x if it is §8¶1s2.1w1 §8¶1s2.2w1 §8¶1s2.3w1
3w 3x the confidential information §8¶1s4w30 §8¶1s6w4 §8¶1s7.iiiw26
3w 3x customer brand features §10¶1s3w29 §10¶1s10w6 §14¶1s1.iw7
3w 3x customer's brand features §10¶1s4w15 §10¶1s5w17 §11¶1s2.iw2
3w 3x by customer of §10¶1s10w24 §12¶1s2.iiiw11 §14¶1s1.vw5
3w 3x limitation of liability §15¶0s1w1 §15¶1s2w2 §16¶1s6.1w13
3w 3x hosted email service §16¶1s4w21 §16¶1s4.1w4 §16¶1s4.iiw13

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