Thomas A. Alspaugh
Repeated phrases in
The Q Public License Version 1.0
13 phrases of 3 words or more, repeated 3 times or more
6 words in the longest such phrase
10 repetitions of the most frequent such phrase
w x Phrase Instances
6w 3x the initial developer of the software §I¶2s1w29 §I¶3.bs1w18 §I¶6.cs1w12
5w 3x modified versions of the software §I¶4s1w13 §I¶5s1w7 §I¶6s1w18
5w 3x you must ensure that all §I¶4.bs1w1 §I¶4.cs1w1 §I¶6.as1w1
4w 4x versions of the software §I¶3.bs1w30 §I¶4s1w14 §I¶5s1w8 §I¶6s1w19
4w 4x modified versions of the §I¶4s1w13 §I¶5s1w7 §I¶6s1w18 §I¶6.bs1w16
3w 10x of the software ¶4s3w7 §I¶1s2w5 §I¶2s1w32 §I¶3.bs1w21 §I¶3.bs1w31 §I¶4s1w6 §I¶4s1w15 §I¶5s1w9 §I¶6s1w20 §I¶6.cs1w15
3w 5x versions of the §I¶3.bs1w30 §I¶4s1w14 §I¶5s1w8 §I¶6s1w19 §I¶6.bs1w17
3w 4x the initial developer §I¶2s1w29 §I¶3.bs1w18 §I¶3.bs1w50 §I¶6.cs1w12
3w 3x this license document ¶2s1w8 §I¶4.as1w4 §III¶1s1w4
3w 3x of this license ¶3s1w3 §I¶1s2w21 §I¶4.cs1w17
3w 3x the software and ¶4s3w17 §I¶3s1w6 §III¶1s1w1
3w 3x machine-executable forms of §I¶4s1w4 §I¶4s1w10 §I¶6.as1w8
3w 3x all recipients of §I¶4.bs1w5 §I¶6.as1w5 §I¶6.bs1w5

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