Thomas A. Alspaugh
Treble Bobbing
Treble bobbing (Major)

Figure 2. Treble bobbing
for Major

Treble bobbing is a pattern that the treble rings for many methods. For Plain Bob, the treble simply hunts; for treble bob methods such as Kent, the treble rings a more complicated pattern, shown in the figures. It can be extended to any even number of bells.

Treble bobbing (Minor)

Figure 1. Treble bobbing
for Minor

Figure 1 (Minor) is probably the best to start on.

  1. Start in leads.
  2. Dodge 1-2 up.
  3. Hunt up to the next odd-even pair of places, and dodge up there. Repeat.
  4. Eventually you'll be dodging up at the back. Complete the dodge, lie back, then dodge down.
  5. Hunt down to the next odd-even pair of places, and dodge down there. Repeat.
  6. Eventually you'll be dodging 1-2 down. Complete the dodge, make leads, then start over at step 1.
Treble bobbing (Minimus)

Figure 3. Treble
bobbing for Minimus

Treble bobbing (2)

Figure 4. Treble bobbing for two

You can even treble bob on two bells, though you probably won't have occasion to (Figure 4).

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